rainy London

London does live up to certain stereotypes, like being at its best after the rain. This gorgeous puddle greeted me on my way home from work couple days ago and made me love London just a little bit more for being so awesome on the most ordinary of nights.


recap & 2011 Calendar

2010 was a hectic year that left very little time for personal photography, which is very obvious from this blog. If anything 2011 should be filled with a little bit more personal stuff… I did manage to document a lot of my life  with my Nokia N900 last year though. It continues to be a great substitute when I see something I want to document and have no other camera with me.

So, in addition to the already posted photos here, these are some of my favourite London moments from 2010:

(Above is actually from Paris, but I just love the photo – it’s those scissors that really make that graffiti for me :D)(OMG – they killed Goofy! :|)

This last one I spotted on my bus home just before Christmas. It was such a heart warming message in the most ordinary of places. :)

So, 2011 – let’s see what you have got in store; no promises, but I hope to see you soon here.

In the meanwhile pop over to Etsy to grab one of my last few 2011 London calendars on sale! It includes original photos of London paired up with my favourite quotes and song lyrics of this wonderful city! :)