rainy London

London does live up to certain stereotypes, like being at its best after the rain. This gorgeous puddle greeted me on my way home from work couple days ago and made me love London just a little bit more for being so awesome on the most ordinary of nights.


4 Comments on “rainy London”

  1. xeyli says:

    Was this digital or film?

    I’m going with my friends tomorrow for sunrise on the beach, then hit the North Shore where the waves should be 10ft high or more. Hoping to get some nice surfing and scenic photos!

  2. bookmole says:

    London sure does look spectacular sometimes! Thanks for sharing this stunning shot.

  3. crush-monkey says:

    It’s YOU that make London puddles gorgeous!

    How awesome that the photo is taken with a camera phone too!

    Thank you as always for sharing!

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