London men

Men in London, their pace is tight. They seldom wander empty handed; umbrellas, mobiles, newspapers occupy their fingertips. From a bump you get a nod, if you’re lucky a ‘pardon’. They quote you Blake, last night’s match, Financial Times and are only stopped by a signal failure or a pint. The best men in the world, if you ask me.


Hand fancy

After spending some time now looking at my body of work I have come to the realisation of some subconscious fascinations; Things I seem to photograph without thinking. Things I see repeated in my photos knowing there has been no conscious decision or realisation sometimes of what attracted me to take the photograph at that particular moment. One of these recurring themes for me are hands and mannerisms. It’s not an original fascination, I do realise that, but something that captivates me as I come across it over and over again after forgetting I actually do this in my photos repeatedly. Maybe it’s just some sort of self edit or a delete button I press to surprise myself of my own predictability in the end? Maybe it’s just human nature… :)


Today marks my 12th year of living in the UK. The time has passed quickly, and I think I say this every year, but my love for this city has only grown stronger. London has given me the best of friends, a career, hope, love and history – it’s made me an adult, a cynic, a hopeless romantic and a photographer. Here’s to another 12 (at least) years! :)

on loneliness

Sometimes  you can feel the loneliest in the biggest of the cities in the world.

And then sometimes you just don’t realise the person to lift your loneliness is the one following right behind you.

As a less emotionally attached piece this is a a study of shades and rules of thirds. On a more personal level, I just really liked this moment at Trafalgar Square last week. What you don’t see is the crowd all around him, and me. :)


One of the things quintessentially British for me are the doors and alleyways of London. These views greet me often in my neighbourhood and delight me every time. The chimneys and rooftops especially remind me what a great history this city has filled with soot, sweat and faint scent of ale.


There are a lot of things that are making me smile today; the promise of spring is in the air in London, the Sun was out today reminding us what a better place the whole world is when illuminated appropriately, there were surprises and wonderful friends met today and then there is this photograph. It makes me very happy to have taken this.

One of the things I am determined to do this year is work on my street photography, get my mojo back. And not to make things easy for myself I’ve decided to go for it old school: a year of London, all on film. I’m sure you’ll see posts including pictures taken with my trusty Nokia here this year, but when I am out focusing on my street work it will be on my analogue cameras and on film. Also I’m more likely to be erratic in posting as usual, but here’s to a great start!

There is more to come in the next few days as I’ve got a whole roll to share with you where this came from! :)

me and Big Ben

I spent today in a work conference where the most impressive thing was the location and the amazing view. The main floor overlooked Parliament Square, one of the few places I visit in London and still feel quite at awe of really living in London. Having lived so long in this amazing city does unfortunately mean that the novelty of the even very impressive landmarks has worn out, but not this morning in the glorious sunrise over the Big Ben.