me and Big Ben

I spent today in a work conference where the most impressive thing was the location and the amazing view. The main floor overlooked Parliament Square, one of the few places I visit in London and still feel quite at awe of really living in London. Having lived so long in this amazing city does unfortunately mean that the novelty of the even very impressive landmarks has worn out, but not this morning in the glorious sunrise over the Big Ben.


2 Comments on “me and Big Ben”

  1. crush-monkey says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos!
    Love that you have sun there and it looks like spring!

    Love how the London Eye looks in the background!

  2. bookmole says:

    It was glorious today, indeed. Well done you for getting Big Ben and a red telephone box in the same photo!

    Those red boxes are getting rarer and rarer by the day. Sadly missed, except for the fact they often smelled strongly of urine and/or alcohol. When I am a new-style box in a icy wind, however, I want Red Ones back, even with the stink!

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