There are a lot of things that are making me smile today; the promise of spring is in the air in London, the Sun was out today reminding us what a better place the whole world is when illuminated appropriately, there were surprises and wonderful friends met today and then there is this photograph. It makes me very happy to have taken this.

One of the things I am determined to do this year is work on my street photography, get my mojo back. And not to make things easy for myself I’ve decided to go for it old school: a year of London, all on film. I’m sure you’ll see posts including pictures taken with my trusty Nokia here this year, but when I am out focusing on my street work it will be on my analogue cameras and on film. Also I’m more likely to be erratic in posting as usual, but here’s to a great start!

There is more to come in the next few days as I’ve got a whole roll to share with you where this came from! :)

3 Comments on “hopeful”

  1. vontsotren says:

    great news! can’t wait to see your street film shots :)

  2. crush-monkey says:


    This makes me happy! : )

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