test roll part 3

Ok ok, I promise this is the last one from the test roll to post. I just love the fact how perfect the Canon Demi is! So very happy for my eBay find! :)


test roll 2

A few more photos from the Canon Demi half frame camera’s first test roll. Really liked how these two combo-frames worked out. Can’t wait to put some proper film through the camera now, especially on the travels I have planned for 2011. :)

test roll

Monday was a good day, the exhibition was great, sun was out and my new camera in hand I traipsed around the City to see what comes out in the developing process. I’ve saved some cheap colour film given free to me ages ago when local shops and chemists still did photo printing (remember those times?). Those old expired rolls are great for test runs for my eBay finds. :) Yes, the tint is a bit magenta, but it kind of adds to the old analogue camera charm for me, especially when I get to see the first prints.

The Canon Demi came up trumps and even the lab complimented on the photos I took that afternoon. I’m so happy with the results myself, too! I think I put a scratch through the neg winding the roll back a bit abruptly, and I will need to keep an eye on that next time around. Otherwise, above is one of my favourite photos from Monday afternoon at Fleet Street. I’m so glad to be back in half frame action, more of this goodness to follow!

Today I am

This is my last photo to post from my February roll of B&W film. Today however I’m off from work, on my way to see the Museum of London Street Photography exhibition for inspiration and with me I have my new half frame camera as if you may recall I broke my Olympus Pen-EE in Cornwall last summer. I bought a pretty little Canon Demi recently and haven’t had a chance to test it out yet; well, today’s the day! It also heralds part two of my little year in film project. A few words of the above photo should be added which would be that I am so sad it’s not in colour. There were so many elements working together in this, but it was not meant to be. However I do love the lines and textures sitting with the man and sign, so it’s not at all lost.