Despite best intentions my personal photography still keeps taking a backseat in my life. Further apologies in this blog seem silly as I don’t seem to be able to shape up and get my street gear on. However, there are some amazing moments I have been happy to continue to capture with alternative methods on my treks, like this beautiful moment from Swanage when I spent time in Dorset over the Easter weekend. What a lovely part of England it is in so many ways.


One Comment on “life”

  1. bookmole says:

    I saw the photo and thought “That’s not in London – that’s in Swanage!” THEN read your comment.

    I love Swanage – Husband dives off the pier regularly, and I have been with him a few times now. Lovely place. I wish Dorset was a cheaper place to live – I suspect we would be living there right now!

    Funnily enough, it wasn’t till we took a weekend break in Bournemouth that Husband saw anything of Swanage other that the Pier!

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