January 2012

The first month of the year has flown by, it’s quite scary how fast actually! One good thing about this photo-a-day project is the fact that I do now have a visual record of what has been going on as it’s a bit of a blur from some days already. :)

This month I’ve used my iPhone for all the photos I’ve taken and most of the pictures I’ve used the instagram app for. Before the start of the project I got sent a link to the Photo 365 app, which I have been using to document and share my photos with, and it’s been great. Initially I set it to remind me every day to take a photo, but decided to turn the alert off as I’ve not yet struggled to remember.

This month has been quite anxious and rainy month for me. I’ve had a proper dose of the January blues, but you wouldn’t realise that looking at the collection of images, which I think is quite lovely. In the next few months I’ve decided to be a bit more creative and will try and let go of my instagram obsession. This far I’ve not felt that this project is a burden , but I am sure that point will come. For then I already have a few tips to spur me on.

My favourite photos I’ve taken this month are these by the way:

Hope you’ve enjoyed following this project for the first month as well as the fact that I am actually blogging and sharing my lovely London a bit more again. ;)

Thank you January – let’s see what February is going to look like!


week 4

The fourth week in the 366 project and things have been a bit more eventful. I was out and about a lot and there was a lot of rain. Towards the end of the week things brightened up though; I voted for the next president of Finland at the Embassy and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight in Islington on Friday knowing the weekend was just around the corner. Hurrah!

The highlight of my week must be visiting the Imperial War Museum for the first time which is another one of the 101 things to do in London ticked off my list. The museum was nothing what I expected! I spent most of my time at the Holocaust Exhibition, which was very moving. An orthodox Jewish couple just happened to come in at the same time as me which made it even more poignant. I also loved the great hall with all the planes; what a great moment I caught with this one and a little boy.

I also loved spotting this heart in such an unexpected place as a grubby estate lift door and couldn’t help but smile.

Let’s see what the next week has in store for me – in the meanwhile I might even recap some of my January favourites at the end of the month! :)

week 3

The third week of the year has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Quieter, but more intense. I have been grateful for some sunny days this week as the grey London winter’s can really claw at your soul.

I’ve done couple cool London things, as I got to travel up the longest tube escalator at Angel (Northern Line).

And I found the first ever red telephone box.  I had no idea they used to be white until the mid-1920’s! This was another tick on my 101 London things list as well. You can find the telephone box at the Royal Academy of Art, by the way.

My week at work ended in Hampstead, a very posh part of London and a real joy to photograph around. The week otherwise ended with good friends this weekend laughing so hard I was crying.  A great remedy for that soul being clawed at I think.

week 2

Second week in the 365 project and I am still seeking creativity with my photos. I’ve noticed that at the moment this project has been more about documenting something significant that I have experienced during that specific day, but I think that’s OK, right?

When I turned 30 I decided to write a diary, every day. I’d write about whatever I felt was important every day for that whole year. In a same way this project feels very much a visual diary of 2012 for me.

This was a week spent with friends and on buses. It was a busy and stressful week. I think my creativity is missing as I keep recalling the lyrics of that Newton Faulkner song…

“Don’t take my photograph, ’cause I don’t wanna know how it looks to feel like this”.

A positive person that I am, I try to find at least something beautiful in each day to keep myself above the surface at the moment. I think that’s OK too, right?

Week 1

It was quite convenient that the New Year started on a Sunday. It’ll make recaps of the week in photos quite a pleasure to write, and hopefully will spur me onto the new week of daily photos. This first week of the year has been full of mundane every day things, making me decide not to blog every single photo I took, but only the interesting ones. If you are interested in seeing all of the 366 days of this year in photos you can visit the Flickr account at my 365 Flickr account.

2012 started with stormy rain and gale force winds, meaning it was time to grab my annual big puddle photo by the Old Vic. :) I am so pleased how well the iPhone handles night time photos. Last year’s puddle can be seen here (taken with my Nokia N900 at the time).

However the highlight of my week was visiting the British Library, a building I have gone past plenty times the past decade, but never set my foot in. As part of my 2012 I am also going through a list of places in London I haven’t yet seen or experienced. It was spurred on by the Time Out London 101 Things to do in London– survey I took last year. I was surprised how many there were I hadn’t been to  (50 at the first count) and have decided to tackle that number down in 2012, too.

I was pleased that the British Library was no disappointment – the building is modern inside out, but had this magnificent display of old books at the heart of it. I climbed right to the top floor to get a good shot of it. I’d recommend a visit to anyone,  as they have a great cafe and free wifi as well as ongoing exhibitions amongst all the publications housed under its roof. :)