Week 1

It was quite convenient that the New Year started on a Sunday. It’ll make recaps of the week in photos quite a pleasure to write, and hopefully will spur me onto the new week of daily photos. This first week of the year has been full of mundane every day things, making me decide not to blog every single photo I took, but only the interesting ones. If you are interested in seeing all of the 366 days of this year in photos you can visit the Flickr account at my 365 Flickr account.

2012 started with stormy rain and gale force winds, meaning it was time to grab my annual big puddle photo by the Old Vic. :) I am so pleased how well the iPhone handles night time photos. Last year’s puddle can be seen here (taken with my Nokia N900 at the time).

However the highlight of my week was visiting the British Library, a building I have gone past plenty times the past decade, but never set my foot in. As part of my 2012 I am also going through a list of places in London I haven’t yet seen or experienced. It was spurred on by the Time Out London 101 Things to do in London– survey I took last year. I was surprised how many there were I hadn’t been to  (50 at the first count) and have decided to tackle that number down in 2012, too.

I was pleased that the British Library was no disappointment – the building is modern inside out, but had this magnificent display of old books at the heart of it. I climbed right to the top floor to get a good shot of it. I’d recommend a visit to anyone,  as they have a great cafe and free wifi as well as ongoing exhibitions amongst all the publications housed under its roof. :)


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