week 4

The fourth week in the 366 project and things have been a bit more eventful. I was out and about a lot and there was a lot of rain. Towards the end of the week things brightened up though; I voted for the next president of Finland at the Embassy and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight in Islington on Friday knowing the weekend was just around the corner. Hurrah!

The highlight of my week must be visiting the Imperial War Museum for the first time which is another one of the 101 things to do in London ticked off my list. The museum was nothing what I expected! I spent most of my time at the Holocaust Exhibition, which was very moving. An orthodox Jewish couple just happened to come in at the same time as me which made it even more poignant. I also loved the great hall with all the planes; what a great moment I caught with this one and a little boy.

I also loved spotting this heart in such an unexpected place as a grubby estate lift door and couldn’t help but smile.

Let’s see what the next week has in store for me – in the meanwhile I might even recap some of my January favourites at the end of the month! :)


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