January 2012

The first month of the year has flown by, it’s quite scary how fast actually! One good thing about this photo-a-day project is the fact that I do now have a visual record of what has been going on as it’s a bit of a blur from some days already. :)

This month I’ve used my iPhone for all the photos I’ve taken and most of the pictures I’ve used the instagram app for. Before the start of the project I got sent a link to the Photo 365 app, which I have been using to document and share my photos with, and it’s been great. Initially I set it to remind me every day to take a photo, but decided to turn the alert off as I’ve not yet struggled to remember.

This month has been quite anxious and rainy month for me. I’ve had a proper dose of the January blues, but you wouldn’t realise that looking at the collection of images, which I think is quite lovely. In the next few months I’ve decided to be a bit more creative and will try and let go of my instagram obsession. This far I’ve not felt that this project is a burden , but I am sure that point will come. For then I already have a few tips to spur me on.

My favourite photos I’ve taken this month are these by the way:

Hope you’ve enjoyed following this project for the first month as well as the fact that I am actually blogging and sharing my lovely London a bit more again. ;)

Thank you January – let’s see what February is going to look like!


One Comment on “January 2012”

  1. crush-monkey says:

    Wait. All these are taken with the iPhone? Whoa!
    Love the last one with the London Eye in the distance!

    : )

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