Weeks 5 & 6

February has had a cold start and London has been covered in snow in more than one occasion in the past couple weeks. Last Sunday on my way to have lunch with friends I swung by the Regents Canal in Angel and couldn’t believe it had been so cold for the canal to freeze.

To keep me warm in these freezing weather conditions I popped out to go bowling at the Bloomsbury Lanes with some old work mates last week. A great night out for anyone, especially as they have limited number of lanes, great beer on tap and pretty good pizza as well. Book early to avoid disappointment, especially towards the end of the week. I loved this symmetry of the shoes waiting for us behind the counter. I came second, by the way. ;)

I also received a surprise parcel from my parents earlier this week. My mum had knitted me these gorgeous woolly socks to keep my toes warm. Aren’t they just the cutest? My toes have been very warm and cosy this week indeed. :)

This past week has been speckled by a lot of birds. I wish I would have stood at this spot a bit longer to catch a picture of them all take off. I love flocks of birds in flight.  I also got accosted by pigeons at the Bunhill Fields, which was one of my 101 things to see and do in London. The Fields, not the pigeon accosting! :)

What the 101 project has already taught me is that I walk past pretty incredible parts of historic London every day without always realising. For example I’ve gone past the Bunhill Fields countless of times, especially when living near Old Street, without ever stepping my foot there. The fields are an old burial ground and a cemetery dating back about a thousand years! Most tombstones there now are from the 18th and 19th century and include some famous writes like Paul Bunyan and William Blake.

I spent quite a long time having a look around and trying to read the old stones. The warden wasn’t in,  so I couldn’t visit the gated areas, but still had a good time visiting the place, despite the cold. It is quite surreal how such an old part of London sits comfortably between all these modern blocks. I must return there in the spring as the gardens must be beautiful. There already were crocuses and daffodils trying to push through the snow yesterday. If you ever want to visit the gardens are right next to the Old Street station (City Road towards Moorgate).

2 Comments on “Weeks 5 & 6”

  1. bookmole says:

    I thought pigeon accosting sounded like fun!

    I also like to hang round old graveyards. They are usually peaceful oases in the bustle of London, plus they have a history all of their own. Have you even been to West Norwood cemetary? I used to hang out there a lot – the library is next door so I would borrow a book and go sit in the cemetary and read. LittleDave was cremated there. Worth a visit.

    Love the Regents Canal shot – who knew it actually got cold enough for long enough to freeze (even if slighltly). Last year it froze solid!

    • pebaline says:

      I’ve not ventured up to West Norwood, must visit now thanks for the tip! :) Bunhill Fields was a lovely discovery and I’ve always liked Abney Park and Highgate cemetaries as well.

      I can’t wait for the spring to come to add a bit of life in to London from another angle! :)

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