April 2012

Wow, and there goes April! The months seem to be flying by this year! :D

The past 30 days have been quite hectic. Work-wise I got back into shooting weddings AND applied for a new day job (still waiting to hear if I got it or not, so fingers crossed).

It’s been raining – a lot! Like way over the clichés of it “always raining in London” and April showers. But all and all it’s been a nice enough month. This was probably helped by the fact that there was a lot of days off sprinkled in it for me. :)

First  break I had since Christmas was Easter and it was quite chocolate-filled. It’s the best part about Easter, right? :)

I also spent a week back home in Finland and we went over for a lovely spa break in Tallinn, Estonia to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It was all about family this month as my sister popped over from Paris for a long weekend to see me, too.

Despite the rubbish weather, we have had some awesome days, too. And London has been bathed in not only lovely warm sunshine, but all kinds of gorgeous spring blossoms. I bought a bunch of lilacs just this afternoon to celebrate May arriving tomorrow.

Spring can only mean one other thing and that’s cycling! I opened the Boris bike season this month, too and have to say I had forgotten how much fun it is to whiz around central London on these beasts. If only we could get them to work with the Oyster cards life would be perfect.

My London 101-project has ground to a bit of a halt this month, but I did see the David Shrigley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery with my sister. We both loved it, it was hilarious and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

This month I’ve had a quite good work/life balance, and hope that continues to the next month. May actually looks quite exciting month ahead. What I’m looking forward to the most is the fact that I get to travel to Cornwall again. It’s been almost two years since I’ve last been and at the same time it feels like forever. I can’t wait! :)


March 2012

Wow, time is flying by! I’ve had a quite a busy month stifled with a seasonal cold and work stuff and then all of a sudden it is April and Easter break. Apologies for getting a little bit behind posting photos here. You’d be happy to know the picture-a-day project is still going strong though even though I haven’t been sharing any photos. :)

Let’s see what March looked like:

The spring has well and truly sprung and it has been so lovely to see London transform from a very cold and grey city into a pretty warm island of new green and pink petals. My favourite visit in March was to the Somerset House where these gorgeous ceramic flowers dabble the central courtyard until the end of April. It’s a stunning view, so pop over to see it yourself if you are around!

I’ve spent a LOT of time on the underground and if I’ve had a busy day I notice taking my daily picture on my commute home. Hence there are quite a few photos already in my collection from the past three months. I hope I can push myself a bit more to be creative on days like these, but then again there are so many subjects just sitting there waiting to be captured it feels like an easy go-to backup… :)

Speaking of commuting, I thought I’d never say these words, but King’s Cross is such a pleasure to commute through since the new extension opened there in the middle of March. The new foyer and its architecture are super, wouldn’t you agree? Who’d thought! I now can’t wait for them to remove that ugly green front from the 70’s to make this probably one of the most stunning stations in London combining the old and new perfectly.

Other things that made me happy in March included:

Discovering Paddington Basin! I never knew the canal went right past Paddington Station! What a great find, with a little farmer’s market, cafe’s, shops and direct route to either Edgware Road or all the way to Little Venice in Maida Vale.

Meeting Pimms! Isn’t she gorgeous? I was out and about in Vauxhall and whenever I’m in the area I go by the Vauxhall City Farm. I was planning to pop over to see the spring lambs, but got distracted by such a warm hello by Pimms. (Isn’t that a lovely pose as well?) :)

The lighter (warmer) evenings! Changing the clock to summer time is never easy and I hate losing the hour’s sleep initially, but the fact that it’s still light when I leave the office at the end of the day soon makes up for it. I feel like I’ve not wasted a day when I can still get on with things in the evening and the weather in March was also phenomenally warm, which made it all the better, too.

Spring and light evenings have also meant that I’ve hopped on the bike for the first time this year, too. The one good thing Boris has ever given us Londoners as far as I’m concerned (although it’s still a shame we can’t use our Oyster cards to use them!). :) A quick dash from Drury Lane to Waterloo was a nice way to open the bike season. :)

And even though I cannot shake my Instagram obsession I haven’t done too badly pushing myself to the world of street photography with it recently. The whole project has keep my visually alert and glad to be documenting my life on daily basis. I still don’t feel fatigued by it at all, which I am quite surprised and very pleased about.

How is your spring looking like? ;)