May 2012

Apologies for a slight delay in getting this update together for you! I’ve had a little detour from Cornwall to Florence, Italy via Scotland in the past few weeks and it’s felt like my life has been on a bit of a fast forward these past few weeks. :)

All and all May was a lovely month though and here are my highlights:

It finally started to feel like summer was just around the corner. As we know now it’s not much of a summer (the rain fall in UK has been phenomenal in the past 6 weeks), but the sweet promise of sunshine, leafy parks filled with the scent of cut grass and ice cream, everything felt possible in the beginning of May.

I also got a new job (I start there on Monday!). The beginnings and possibilities certainly were visceral last month. Now it’s more a feeling of a panic, mixed with excitement starting something new just next week!

Internet is a wonderful place at the best of times and last month I had the pleasure to meet in person someone I’ve only spoken to and got to know online over quite a few years now via photography. Bill travelled to Scotland and London with his awesome wife Jen and I got to hang out with them both one lovely Monday evening. I was trying to show them at least a little bit of my favourite corners of London and they introduced me to a pretty amazing wine. It was a great night!

What I could’ve never planned was stumbling across somewhere totally new to me where this skyline opens up across St Paul’s Cathedral. The photo doesn’t even begin to capture the moment when all the pigeons rose to fly from the dome in its lights for us. It was pretty magical, even for good old London that moment. :)

Speaking of London magic, I think the best part of it is in its sense of humour. This… bush… graffiti amused me no end near my soon-to-be-old office for a few weeks. It’s unfortunately now been painted over, but until Islington decided it had no sense of humour this view put a smile on my face every time I saw it. :)

Then it was time to pack my bags and off we were to celebrate my birthday in Cornwall! It’s been two long years since my last visit, and I was so looking forward to be waking up by the sea again. Cornwall was the last corner of UK I hadn’t visited couple years ago, and it certainly felt like I’d saved the best for last. We had a chance to visit some old and new places during our stay.

The weather was pretty good throughout the week, although on the last night we drove to a pub by the beach in Perranporth and were surrounded by this pretty cool sea mist. It was a slightly surreal ending to our holiday, but something I will never forget that’s for sure!

It was also a pretty lovely way to end the month of May and return back to London for a little while before my travels in the beginning of June.I can’t wait to show you my June actually! It’s only half way done and I’ve seen some pretty amazing places and met some really great people already! If you want a little preview pop over to my Flickr feed to have a look. :)

2 Comments on “May 2012”

  1. Bill says:

    It was a great night!

    Thank you so much for taking a bit of time out of your hectic schedule to sit down, share some food, wine and talk, and meander with us through London.

  2. […] And the third, which is actually back a few months to the end of May 2012, we finally got to meet the lovely Susanna Hauru, a Finnish transplant to London, while Goddess and I were on a trip to the UK.  I was nervous meeting her (as well as Shimon and Michael), as she’s quite the accomplished street and wedding photographer (both Shimon and Michael are very accomplished in their own rights).  But she was as gracious as could be and we had a wonderful time walking the back alleys and haunts of London as she introduced us to her favorite views.  And we accidentally introduced her to a new one. […]

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