Isle of Skye

In the beginning of the month I had the pleasure to travel to Scotland and visit the stunning Isle of Skye. There really are no words to describe the drive from Inverness to Skye and how stunning the scenery is. I took so many photos, but the ones in this post are part of the official 365 project.

The misty isle blessed us with wonderful weather contrary to it’s name throughout the long Jubilee weekend. We stayed at the Rosedale Hotel in Portree and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for their clean, warm rooms, friendly staff and most of all the scenery. We opened our curtains every morning to view of the harbour and enjoyed the same view at breakfast time. It was wonderful!

After such lovely long weekend it was a bit of a shock to come back to London and the wind and the rain (oh the irony), but it also meant that we were to pack on the fly as the following weekend we were off again, this time is was to sunny Italy!

I’m blogging the travels out the way from the monthly summary post as I wanted to share a bit more and more often with you before I’m off on my official summer holiday this year. :)

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