June 2012

What did the rest of the June look like then after all the travels? Well, a little bit like this…

I have to admit that towards the end of June I hit my first wall with this 365 project. Call it visual fatigue or post-holidays blues, but I was finding it really hard to motivate myself to take even one photo a day. To tackle times like these I decided in the beginning to use themes and motifs to keep me going, and as a result I have a little go-to list of these to help me go forward.

One theme from this motivator list was to record my weekly commute, which you know is a little safety net I like to fall onto (just look at the number of photos from the Underground from the past six months if you want proof!). This time it was a little different as I travelled to grab a letter of the week from different Northern Line stations. Instead of one great picture per day I think it turned out as a lovely collection of my Monday to Friday instead to end the month, don’t you think?


Florence, Italy

After Isle of Skye we were off to bask under the Tuscan sun, as we travelled off to Florence, Italy.

I love Italy. There is no denying how home I feel in a country were the scenery is so beautiful and inspiring wherever I visit and how gorgeous the food and wine is!

It truly was La Dolce Vita for us! And I can’t wait to go back again. :)