July 2012

Another month down, another update for you! I will also try to avoid to mention words “time” and “flies” this time. ;)

There was a LOT of rain in July. A lot of us Londoners just gave up with the “summer”.

I escaped the bad weather and visited family and friend in Finland in the middle of the month. It finally started to feel like summer in my bones, and I had such a lovely time.

Before I knew it was time to return to the Big Smoke, but whilst I was away someone finally turned the tap off and we actually had a heatwave! :)

My new job rocks! And those who follow me everywhere else on the Internet know by now that I’ve moved up in the world, well to Camden Town to be exact. Prepare yourselves for a lot of Camden photos in the future.

Oh, and then there’s the little thing going on in London that started at the end of July… the Olympics! I have to say up until the Opening Ceremony I was a total cynic and was ready with the rest of them to put the whole thing down, but Danny Boyle did a pretty good job, everyone got really excited AND I got to go this weekend myself .

London is pretty exciting place to live in general, but at the moment we’re experiencing something I can’t really put into words quite yet. Maybe the words will come later. In everyday life terms things are going smoothly. My commute is barely effected by the Games and Londoners are out of their usual grump with the tourists which is unheard of. :)

Also, whilst I remember, if you want to continue to follow the progress on Flickr I’ve now moved to pebaline366 account due to photo limits on non-pro accounts. Hope to see you there and yes, I think I will post something special from the Olympics just for you later this week! ;)

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