September 2012

The ghosts of summer were banished in September as the autumn crept up on us in London slowly…

My month was busy, exhausting at times, and at the moment I am quite happy to be in the middle of crisp, sunny days. Autumn is after all my favourite season. :)

There are some lovely shots in the middle of the lazy ones I have taken in the past four weeks; my favourite ones decorate this tired summary.

Honestly, there are days I am delighted to have caught some amazing moments, like this.

And then there are days where I cannot wait for New Year’s Eve to bring this mammoth of a project to an end…

Until then, there is no stopping now! I hope you’re still enjoying the details in my daily fabric.


One Comment on “September 2012”

  1. Bill says:

    Thank you, dear, for bringing these to my attention. I spent the bulk of September out of town, disconnected. It’s nice, mind you, but then I miss treats such as these.

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