October 2012

October was dark and rainy. Changing the clocks at the end of the month always makes me a little bit melancholic as it means the days will draw in and the cold, grey days of winter are just around the corner.

The loss of day light also means that I can start the candle seasons again at home. There is nothing more cosy that watching good films on my sofa in candle light. I know, I know, how girly, right? :)

Since the wedding season has now also come to an end my social life has picked up having whole weekends free. I’ve attended an illegal amount of leaving dos in the past month as well, as the ripple effect of the changes at work has meant a lot of lovely people have decided to move on. Mr Percy here wasn’t part of my social circle, I just spotted him in Camden on my way home one Friday night.

Working in Camden has other benefits, too… like spotting this at lunch time whilst waiting for my bento box. ;)

Free weekends have also meant that I’m out and about with a lot of people at the same time, and can spot and shoot people like these. I just loved the mix of fashion and positioning of these five whilst waiting for a friend at Oxford Circus.

And how about this lovely scene I was so lucky to capture on my way home via Euston? The best street photography moments are for me in the timing and the little details. :)

November has rolled in with more changeable weather, socialising and lovely moments already. I’m really looking forward to my Christmas break and 2013 already. Not long now! :)


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