November 2012

There goes another month! November is all wrapped up and here is how it all looked like from my point of view.

Looking back at the photo stream, I’ve seen a lot these past four weeks. Little moments in my daily fabric that I had already forgotten. Like this little girl appreciating street art in the making.

There was a lot of love around in the gloomiest of months. It looks like you can take a girl away from wedding photography, but you can’t stop her capturing moments of true emotion. ;)

One of the highlights of the month was seeing Bon Iver at Wembley. I still get chills thinking how awesome this gig was… You had to be there, but here’s a little memento worth watching (video not by me).

November brought with it the colder, shorter days and a seasonal cold. I’m glad to have had it now, last year I was ill on New Year’s Eve and that was no fun. :(

I made feeble attempts to start Christmas shopping, but felt a bit like this lady.

And I also found a possible photo project for 2013! Well, if I can do 366 photos in a a year working with animals should be a doddle, right? ;)

Now bring it on December and Christmas! Let’s make the last month of this year long project really special! <3

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