2012 – 12 – 52 – 366 – wow

What a year! I cannot believe that this is it; 366 photos later the year has passed, another zodiac has gone around, a New Year starts tomorrow.

This photo project has not been as hard as I imagined it to be, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that at times it has been irritatingly difficult and frustrating.  The hardest months for me were not until July-August time, which shows in the quality, but at the end of it all I feel surprisingly proud and relived that I made it to the end without missing one day or giving up within the first couple months. :)

All and all the 366 photos are a delightful memory of the year that 2012 has been for me. To celebrate the year gone by and completion of this huge project here are my 12 favourite photos from this year.

January 2012

I took my first favourite photo on the 3rd of January, so very early into the month and the project. There are a few photos from The Old Vic included in my year and rain seems to be a red thread throughout my 2012, but this is one of the prettiest puddle photos I have taken this year.

February 2012

Speaking of rain, I’ve been meaning to go back to retake this photo with more umbrellas, more people, more action, more rain all year since I took this one on 18th February and I still plan to. Maybe next year. :)

March 2013

This is probably one of my most unappreciated photos from this year. I was visiting the Wellcome Foundation on 2nd March for the first time and saw this. I just love that upside down skeleton and how the patterns of the girl’s tights mirror that painting. For me this photo has so many layers and looking at this always makes me happy to have been able to capture the moment.

April 2012

I had just returned home from Finland when I stumbled on these hunks on 24th April. I swear I have never seen any London workmen do any actual work; all my photos are of them having tea, smoking or napping. ;) No exceptions here.

May 2012

May was a good month full of funny and beautiful moments captured, but this one was the most popular with you and it has a special place in my favourites from this year, too. This was the day before my birthday and I was rushing through St Pancras station, desperate for something to catch my eye when all these squares aligned perfectly for me.

June 2012

It is very difficult to choose just one favourite from June, there are so many great photos from the month, but chancing on this moment of la dolce vita in Florence on 11th July has to be the one moment I am the happiest with. It’s the dogs, the casual off-pavement walk of the lady with them and that cigarette the man on the vespa is smoking. Perfect timing and not too shabby for an iPhone. ;)

July 2012

No matter how hard July was it brought me some good moments including one of best photos I took this year.

Sometimes I just see a backdrop on the streets and see in my mind what the perfect composition, juxtaposition, moment or a person would look like with it so I wait. Sometimes what I imagine happens, but most often the scene never unfolds in reality. This time I was lucky to have this happen before my camera just as I had seen it. :)

August 2012

By August I had been in my new job couple months and was getting to know my new surroundings for my new office in Camden Town. It certainly is an interesting, vivid part of London with a very eclectic mix of people. Including those who leave their perfectly good pair of Dr Martens shoes behind after a Wednesday night of merriment. :)

September 2012

This lady still feeds the pigeons in Camden every day. I had seen her do this for a few weeks before I captured her on 14th September. The pigeons know her and fly to her straight away when they see her coming round the corner. It’s quite a feat seeing them fly to her and having captured them mid flight, landing and her with those seeds is a pretty special moment for me from this year.

October 2012

This is one of those corners of London I had seen things unfold in front of in my mind, but it took couple months for me to be at the right place at the right time to capture this on 4th October. Just for the perseverance paying off I had to put this in my collection of favourites, after all it has butterflies in it. :)

November 2012

My whole year was full of photos of hugs and kisses, but this one from 15th November must be my favourite one from the whole year. It’s one of those times something happens without me planning or seeing it coming, it just coincided perfectly with me pressing the shutter. It’s such a sweet moment in the middle of the most normal of weeks, on the regular commute back home on a very mundane Thursday night.

December 2012

When you look back at my whole year in photos there are some regular themes, like public transportation (I had to promise myself at one point not to take all my photos for this project on the Tube!), rain (there was a lot of it this year!) and people.

I somehow felt I had failed if my daily photo didn’t include at least one person. A silly, self imposed standard on some subconscious level stemming from the street photographer in me I am sure. Saying that I am so happy to have concluded the year with a favourite that included all these elements with a reference to a previous colour themed project couple years back in this one moment above.

And so, there we have it; the all of 2012 complete. I’ll do a little round up properly for December soon to tie the loose ends, but if you are interested seeing the whole year unfold before your eyes through mine you can visit my two Flickr accounts created for this project at pebaline 365 and pebaline 366 in the meanwhile.

For the New Year I have no photo projects planned, but whatever 2013 brings with it I look forward to sharing it with you. It might not be from moments captured daily, but certainly I intend to keep the momentum going to the New Year and blog at least monthly here for you. :)

Happy New Year 2013!


One Comment on “2012 – 12 – 52 – 366 – wow”

  1. bookmole says:

    There would have to be a lot of rain – it rained a lot this year! Lovely shots. January is one of my faves, too – I love reflections. And once you had pointed out the upsidedown skeleton, I could not see how I missed it!

    Happy New Year and a joyous 2013 to you!

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