Lensbaby London

I had been a very good girl last year as Santa brought me a Lensbaby for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to go out to try it out last weekend. It took a lot of patience, finger crippling focusing and standing very still by the Thames, but I think I got a little bit of a hang of it on Saturday by some of my favourite London landmarks. They were posing for me beautifully whilst I took my time. :)

Here are my favourites photos I managed to get in focus. I hope you like them, too!

It’s not the optimal street photography lens, or I’m not quick enough with it (or patient enough yet), but I’m glad I caught this moment on Westminster Bridge.

And here’s my favourite Big Ben one from the day, mainly because it took me ages to get the right focus and a bird in it. ;)

It was quite a special day as well as at the start of the day I walked to South Bank via Leake Street as thought the graffiti there would be great to practise on and to get a handle on the lensbaby. I was very lucky to come across Parleeart at work when I got there and he was gracious enough to let me practise on him and his piece!

This one was my favourite from the ones I caught. If you want to see a details of the beautiful finished piece you can see it on his Instagram.

I can’t wait to take the lensbaby out for another spin; hopefully on a bit more sunnier day and with more patience to practise on people next time, too. But I have to say it’s a great start to the year, so thank you Santa. Hope I’m doing you and the elves proud. ;)


December 2012

My aim was to bring the year long photo a day project to an end in style, and I have to say I didn’t too bad of a job in the last month. It was easy to gain a bit more momentum as it finally started to feel that the end was near. :)

Here are my personal favourites from December 2012 bringing home this huge 366 day mothership of a project:

And the official last and 366th photo of the project:

Funnily enough what the project has taught me is that I actually do photography almost every day anyways and that it has been a great pleasure to have something separate from the work side, a true personal thing to really focus on the past 12 months. It’s also been great to be able to share all this with you after couple years of  pretty quiet time with my personal photography. :)

From the techy side of things I made a decision early on not to worry about the gear I was using for this project, if you remember the motto was quantity over quality. :) As a result the main bulk of the photos have been taken with my iPhone. My favourite apps for the project were SnapSeed, Instagram and Photo365.