Lensbaby London

I had been a very good girl last year as Santa brought me a Lensbaby for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to go out to try it out last weekend. It took a lot of patience, finger crippling focusing and standing very still by the Thames, but I think I got a little bit of a hang of it on Saturday by some of my favourite London landmarks. They were posing for me beautifully whilst I took my time. :)

Here are my favourites photos I managed to get in focus. I hope you like them, too!

It’s not the optimal street photography lens, or I’m not quick enough with it (or patient enough yet), but I’m glad I caught this moment on Westminster Bridge.

And here’s my favourite Big Ben one from the day, mainly because it took me ages to get the right focus and a bird in it. ;)

It was quite a special day as well as at the start of the day I walked to South Bank via Leake Street as thought the graffiti there would be great to practise on and to get a handle on the lensbaby. I was very lucky to come across Parleeart at work when I got there and he was gracious enough to let me practise on him and his piece!

This one was my favourite from the ones I caught. If you want to see a details of the beautiful finished piece you can see it on his Instagram.

I can’t wait to take the lensbaby out for another spin; hopefully on a bit more sunnier day and with more patience to practise on people next time, too. But I have to say it’s a great start to the year, so thank you Santa. Hope I’m doing you and the elves proud. ;)

One Comment on “Lensbaby London”

  1. crush-monkey says:

    Have never heard of Lensbaby until today!
    Wow! What beautiful and cool photos!!! : )

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