start of the year

Although the 365 project came to an official close on New Year’s Eve I have been continuing to take photos pretty regular (last month there were only 2 days I didn’t take a picture!) and use the 365 app on my iPhone.

Here’s a little summary of the start of the year of what I have seen and been up to as a result.

It’s been a very cold start to the year. It snowed in January and when the snow went the freezing temperatures stayed with us. London is very pretty covered in snow, but trying to get around in that kind of weather is a nightmare as everything grounds to a halt (an annual source of amusement and irritation to the Scandinavian in me).

I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions for 2013 – the aim is really just to be more open to new music, go to the cinema more regularly/frequently and see more art/exhibitions. I suppose the aim really is to be a bit more cultured this coming year. :)

My lifelong obsession with photographing couples and mannerisms is still going strong…

… as is my stalking of people on public transportation! :) It’s quite scary how many photos I’ve taken on the tube or the bus these past couple months. I’m sure the TfL has a file on me!

I think this last photo pretty much sums up what 2013 has felt like this far. But the days are getting lighter and despite the bitter cold still in the air the blossoms are pushing through as a sign of better things to come. I certainly am ready for spring already!