march on 2013

2013 has certainly felt like a balancing act and the month of March was no exception.

Here are some of my favourite photographs I’ve caught during what seemed like endless weeks of snow, rain, hail and sleet with not much sunshine or promise of spring:

This is probably one of the reasons last year’s photo a day project wasn’t that much of a push for me: I tend to take photos every day, when I see something interesting, funny or just beautiful. In March there were total of 7 days I took no pictures.

I’ve also reignited my 101-things to see and do in London- project from last year, I still have about 35 things to tick off my list. V&A wasn’t one of them, my goodness, but it was a good photo day for me (see above).

And it wouldn’t be a proper monthly recap without some photos from the Tube as well, eh? ;)

But as usual time in the end seems to flash by: all of a sudden it is April already, the trees push light green, the sun blinds you well into the early evening from the horizon and everything in London just seems somehow better and beautiful.

Saying bye bye to March was a huge relief, and being able to say bye to my winter wardrobe (soon I hope) will be another day of celebration. The spring and its blossoms seem very late this year, but I remain hopeful and will  continue documenting the world around me as I see it. :)