I’ve spent the past week in the blissfully relaxed Cornwall.

The holiday couldn’t have come at the better time; and the weather was a treat at the start of the week.

We spent the days on the beaches, cliffs, castles and cute little fishing villages.

Although the sun didn’t stay with us to the end of the week Cornwall is still pretty spectacular in stormy weather, too.

It feels goof to be back in London as my batteries are charged and I feel really happy. It doesn’t hurt that there is another holiday in the horizon in July as well. ;)



April showers 2013

Things started looking up in April. There were more sunny days, longer light and even the funny April showers didn’t really dampen this month full of activity.

The 101- things to see and do- project saw two new ticks on the list as I visited the charming Leighton House Museum and the Grant Museum of Zoology (above). Both are well quirky and unusual places to see in London if you want to experience something new!

The Grant Museum is free, but the opening times are finicky (check website for full details) – it’s best to marry the visit here with with British Museum as they are a short walking distance from each other.

The Leighton House is just by the lovely Holland Park (below) and such a beautiful place to visit – well worth the £5 entrance fee if you ask me.

Otherwise the usual stalking on the tube continued. How can I resist when things like these happen right in front of my eyes? :)

My new obsession is matching double colour on the streets of London. This took a while to capture, so I’m extra pleased with it.

I also stalked people in cafes, restaurants, on the streets and in the parks. Nothing new there then…

London has started to show it’s beautiful side this past month, too and it’s been a pleasure to remember why I love this city so much.

Oh yes, and then there was that thing that now already seems like yesterday’s news:

As we move to May every day seems like a sunnier warmer embrace.

And to put a red maraschino cherry on top of my happiness sundae, tomorrow morning I am off to my beloved Cornwall for a week.

Life is good from where I am standing at the moment. :)

Au revoir!