I’ve spent the past week in the blissfully relaxed Cornwall.

The holiday couldn’t have come at the better time; and the weather was a treat at the start of the week.

We spent the days on the beaches, cliffs, castles and cute little fishing villages.

Although the sun didn’t stay with us to the end of the week Cornwall is still pretty spectacular in stormy weather, too.

It feels goof to be back in London as my batteries are charged and I feel really happy. It doesn’t hurt that there is another holiday in the horizon in July as well. ;)



4 Comments on “Cornwall”

  1. Bill says:

    And it certainly looked to be a lovely holiday. Any time spent on a beach, regardless of the weather, is time well spent.

    • pebaline says:

      Thanks Bill! We had such a lovely time – I really miss the sea and water around already. Somehow the Thames doesn’t quite have the same impact as the Atlantic! :)

  2. Maria says:

    Oh, nice pics. I’ve talked about going to Cornwall,spending a few weeks there, for a long time already…where did you go? I’ve heard it’s best to rent yourself a car and drive around from town to town along the coast. I don’t fancy the idea of driving a car on the “wrong” side of the road but I guess there’s buses as well..

    • pebaline says:

      Thank you! I love Cornwall!

      We usually stay in North Cornwall, near Padstow, but there is plenty gorgeous places to choose from!

      It’s really best to drive yourself, as public transport is quite isn’t that frequent and won’t give you the freedom to explore the area as you’re really limited to where you can go and when. Driving on the “wrong side” you get used to quickly (honestly) and roads are not that busy at all, especially off season. :)

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