Junely 2013

Apologies for the delay in rounding up the month of June! It’s been busy, hot, travel-ly and life-filled couple weeks. But here’s what I got up to last month!

This month saw a new theme emerge from my almost-daily observations: the modern meditation. :)

I also continued to hunt for double colours, I especially liked this double red capture.

It was not a good month for metrosexuals though…

And we all had to start somewhere, right? :)

What else – after the quite busy start to July last month certainly feels quite chilled out. If not a bit comatosed…

The British summer showed its worse and well, worst sides…

Even escaping to South of France didn’t work as we arrived in the middle of the worst June in million years!

Although the sea was as amazing as it always is for me.

But it’s time to sweep June under the carpet as I start the process of scanning some film negs to be able to share some holiday snaps from Finland with you next! :)

Hope you’re well and having a ball of a summer!