jump for July

Oh dear, I almost forgot to sum up the rest of the month of July – sorry about that! Let’s get the month rounded up quickly before I have to tackle August. :)

This is what July looked like after returning from my Finland holidays:

July was pretty hot; the summer heat picked up on my return from my holidays and although it was lovely at times, London can become quite intolerable with prolonged heatwaves. The pollution sits on top of  the city, encapsulating us all and Londoners become pretty irritable by week 2. Looking at the above photos I think we were still in week 1 stages. :)

There were all kinds of ‘The End if Nigh’ signs around me as I reached an end of an era and said bye-bye to Camden Town at the end of the month to start my new fancy job.

There was all kinds of hanging about going on as well (and I came to the conclusion that I’m growing quickly tired of the modern meditation theme – you might notice a change of pace in my photos in couple of months time as I’ve become more confrontational and selective with my street photography.)

Although I still can’t resist a wall of good art. I don’t think that will ever change. :)

London’s streets are full of quirky and funny commentary through its street art. You just have to keep your eyes open and walk around! (I quite liked how this turned out even though it wasn’t the kind of juxtaposition I was after initially.)

Looks like we did have couple rainy days as well last month. :) I was trying to be clever here I think as another thing I can’t resist is a good reflection.

As I mentioned, I started a new job end of July. I’m now based more on the Kings Cross side of Camden and have been exploring streets old and new around the area.

And before starting my new job I also had the chance to fly over to South of France and spend a fabulous (and even hotter) weekend in and near Toulouse.

A special hello and a thank you therefore to Cécile who is just wonderful and I look forward to showing her all the street art of East London when she comes over to London (in February right?!).

And that sums up my very summery fun July up perfectly. Stand by for the August round up, it should not happen as late as this. :)


that holiday feeling

Although my holiday feels such a long time ago, these images evoke the scents and sounds for me in a sublime way.

My week in Finland was full of sunshine, nostalgic countryside views over fields where the wild flowers and wheat were reaching for the ever stretching cumulus cloud across the blue skies and laughter with family and friends old and new.

You cannot but relax when the pace of life slows your gears down in my home country; after the hustle and bustle of London it was much needed, after all it had been a year since I’d been back home.

I also had a chance to visit places I’d never been to from remote islands outside Helsinki archipelago to market cafés and countryside mansions.

It was a wonderful holiday – much needed and much enjoyed. :)

And now after these Holga and iPhone memories we return to the normal broadcast from the streets of London. :)