August musings

August, like many months flew by and here is what I saw during its 31 days.

My new office has introduced me to some new areas in London. My favourite this far is the Granary Square just behind Kings Cross. The new home to the Central Saint Martins it also houses couple lovely cafes and restaurants, fountains, these steps to mill around at lunch time and a direct route to Camden Lock via the canal walk. Bingo!

The month seems to have been full of some funny observations. The weirdest one is probably this one below:

What an earth is he doing with that saw?!

I’m trying to avoid taking the ‘easy’ commuting photos from the tube but couldn’t resist this moment at Tottenham Court Road.

Certainly the month was all about observing people. And creepy balloons.

And this is my favourite photo from August:

This is the direction I really want to go with my street photography. No apologies for the pun of a picture below. :D

Hope your autumn has started pleasantly!

September in London is always lovely, and I can’t wait to share with you photos of the colourful days ahead of us.