December joy

There is no denying the fact that my 2013 has felt a little bit like an in-between year. Although there are a many wonderful memories for me from these past 12 months, there has been plenty heart breaking trials and I am glad it will be all over in a matter of couple of days.

Even though I know a number at the end of the year doesn’t really magically change things overnight, I am looking forward to something different with a hopeful heart and soul. 2013 has made me weary and I need the change, be it just a little switch of a number.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that after finishing my 365 project last year I continued taking photos pretty much daily. What has been satisfying is continuing the monthly recaps here with you. The lack of pressure to document and share something visual released in me a slightly more critical, selective eye, although there are still quite a few photos from the underground I admit.

One of the promises I’ve made myself for the next year is not to take any sitting duck photos, to be more upfront, look for something new in angles, confront and go forth.

I also should be taking my DSLR out more for some more official street photography, I really should. I look back at some of my early photos and things just don’t happen unless you’re out there documenting the world, right?

So here’s to better things, both visually and emotionally. May your 2014 be full of wonder, love and happiness. :)


November – done

Right November, what were you all about? Autumn leaves, windy days and adjusting to sun sets after 4pm.

More trawling through the tube lines, more (intimate) moments shared with strangers. Sometimes with eyes closed.

There were some awesome graffiti and street art spotted around you too November.

Any some funny puns. Although anything mentioning vodka should be taken very seriously. ;)

My current obsession is with Boris Bikes. If you follow me on Instagram there is more evidence of this… You can find me under pebaline BTW. :)

There were some perfect London moments. These are my favourite parts of documenting my every day life.

If you just look up up, look out, focus, you can catch the sweetest seconds that pass in a blink of an eye.

Sometimes it’s good to share those moments, too. :)

So, how was your November?