think like a bird flies

Trying to step up a gear with the street photography I went to my favourite London playground, the South Bank this afternoon.

The South of the river Thames is easy pickings for sweet street moments, but I tried to work on not going for the easy, sitting duck ones today.

The challenge was to juxtapose the classic London with a twist. The little boy with the fake mustache made my day. :)

Stepping away from the busy touristy part, Lower Marsh by Waterloo is another favourite strip of street photography for me as well.

And when the night fell I realised I need to get out more to take more photos (and really start saving for the 28mm lens!).

By far my two favourite photos today were taken with my iPhone though. Yes, I do whip it out to snap away with, it’s a habit hard to break. ;)

Sometimes great photos happen when you just keep your eyes and your heart open. :)


weekend hues

I can’t quite believe this myself, but I actually went out today purposefully to do some street photography.With my Canon. I know! :D

It was a quiet, dusky blue hued late afternoon in my neighbourhood. There were not that many people around to be all upfront about with my camera.

Instead I currently seem to be obsessed by stridebys. There were a lot of good ones of those today.

I also found this new little corner in London. The Cross Bones Graveyard is an urban shrine to the outcast. You can read more about it here.

This is what I love about this city the most, no matter how long I have lived here and walked on these streets, there is always something new and surprising just around the corner.

This ‘Before I die…’ wall is still going strong. Surprisingly (or not) many wishes were about sex, drugs and love, including a proposal. :)

Another thing I also love is when people match their urban surroundings, like in these two above photos. Although I’m rusty with this genre London seemed to give me a bit of a break today.