January flux

The month of January slipped by in a squally rain and I was caught obsessing over people walking past walls.

… or walking towards me. :)

In the middle of the grey routine I had a little break of a long weekend whilst my sister visited me in London and we managed to do a day trip to Oxford as well.

I really liked Oxford. I’d only been there very briefly in the past and being able to do a whole touristy day was lovely. The city is a perfect mix of high street, markets, independent coffee shops, history and architecture. And everything is walkable. Even the rain at the end of the didn’t dampen our mood.

In London we visited the Photographer’s Gallery to see the David Lynch/Andy Warhol exhibition. Both a real disappointment, even more so for the £4 entrance fee (yes, a relatively low for London, but still having to pay for both really stung). Both floors were just average snaps of everyday things & situations (industrially themed for Lynch) that I felt heavily relied on the name (fame) of the person rather than any artistic credit or value. Not a good start to the year to inspire me.

Therefore we popped over to Tate Modern as well and visiting there on a week day is a real treat for me. It’s less busy and the guards are much more relaxed, so much so I was able to capture this beauty of a moment very easily. :)

Otherwise it was back to normal in regards to work, commute and snapping away with minimal daylight hours for the end of the month.

Having to find inspiration from rain has been surprisingly fruitful though.

Feeling the days get a fraction longer every evening has been helping me get through the start of the year, I can’t wait to have more light in my life! :)