February mashup

Doesn’t it seem odd we are to March already in 2014? I will never get used to the byproduct of adulthood which is the speeding up of time.

In summary: February flashed by.

Like, what’s the big deal?

I keep doing the same things, believe in the same stuff and hope for the better the same as every year. And still continue to be obsessed with these people walking past walls. It’s my current favourite in instagram hashtags. :)

But how could I resists scenes, backdrops and light like in these photos? I’ve always been a ‘head on’ photographer so #peoplewalkingpastwalls is right up my street (pun intended and all!). ;)

There are always the exceptions to the rule, of course…

But you’re more than likely to find me  straight up chasing moments straight up like these. :)

Another fascination of mine that hasn’t let go since I first started doing street photography is couples. From the past nine years or so photos of couples form the significant bulk of my portfolio. So much so I don’t even consciously recognise I go for these moments until the photo has been taken.

I call these two photos the ‘faces of true love’.

Both were taken in the same place on Valentine’s Day. :)

February 22nd marked another milestone in my life. It’s been 15 years since I moved to UK and I decided to celebrate the anniversary by going right to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral. I’d never been in all these years and it felt right day to do the climb. I’ll do a whole post of the experience separately as it was something special.

In the past 15 years London has become more than a favourite city or just a place I call home. It truly is the love of my life and I can’t wait to keep sharing more of this wonderful city with you. <3