Joyous June

Let’s try and keep the wheels turning and make these updates monthly again, shall we? :) At least before we flip to the end of July…

The summer has been a bit stop-start with my photography. As I shoot more weddings and as the temperatures rise, I find myself snapping away less for my own enjoyment. That said it’s not been too bad looking at the photos collected around from the last month.

I’ve mainly hung out in London, stalking the streets as usual for people, stridebys, street art and quirky coincidences. The highlight of the month was my long weekend in Cornwall and actually flying back to London.

I say flying back, becausethe view along the South coast of England was something pretty special. The above is somewhere above Dorset (Bournemouth). Back in London things heated up quite quickly…

… and I was back stalking couples. As usual. ;)

All and all it was a lovely June, in the end of the month it finally started to feel like summer, too.

This last photo is my favourite from the month. I actually left the pub across the road in the middle of the conversation I was having (about the World Cup) to take this photo when I saw the guy go up that ladder to pin those letters up. Thank goodness for very understanding friends. :D

Hip hip and on towards the July update (soon!). :)