Ah, July

It has been scorching hot. Usually I escape the city this time of year, but not this July around. Apart from a working weekend in South of France I’ve been sweating it out in London. At the moment I feel like that little boy at Marseille airport pining for a change of scenery…

Here is what I saw this last month though:

Beautiful commuting light (oh how I love the symmetry in this photo!).

Different kind of sea life. ;)

A wolf pack…

… other kinds of packs (& bricks).

Victims of saddle theft.

Disapproving faces.

Not much of Daughter during their gig at Somerset House. :P

And freedom.

I’m off to Finland in a few days (can.not.wait) finally for my summer holidays. (Can I still say summer holidays in August?) It’s been scorching over there this summer, but I can’t wait for the pace of life over there to slow me down, too.

Unusually I’m bringing my DSLR with me, use of it will be pending on weather/motivation/location. ;)

See you in a month’s time for the results! <3


2 Comments on “Ah, July”

  1. Bill says:

    I love the symmetry of that one, too. :D

  2. bookmole says:

    I love the gig one, how it’s framed, and those ears!

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