Dear October & November

As far as you are concerned as months, like the yellow leaves wrinkled after the long warm autumn days you flew by.

You saw me hop back on the tube to commute to work after a long summer and autumn whirling about on the buses. The ghosts of the underground welcomed me with open arms.

It was all due to the weather finally turning as you decided we’d had enough and it was time to start getting used to the grey dampness of winter.

The price of darkness falling by 5pm from getting an extra hour of sleep always seems like a good idea but in practise makes me so unhappy. This realisation made me hide in some posh bars for some time.

You did give me some inspiration in the form of some familiar faces I kept bumping into, like Mr Holmes…

… or Ms Winehouse. But my true pleasure was in the fun times I had in London and away.

Like the fond affair I had with Lewes for a weekend.

Or when I caught the first snowflakes of winter in Finland.

Or when a horrible day ended up in fireworks, literally.

And the evening on ice at the Somerset House.

As the year winds down to an end, I can’t complain really, can I? 2014 has been full of adventure, right to the end.


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