March & April madness

Spring, where did you go? Here is the recap from March & April in London:

March was a bit cold, a bit sunny, but mostly painful.

One of the highlights of the month for me was when I went to see the fabulous Beard exhibition at Somerset House (by Mr Elbank). What are the chances of this happening whilst I was there?!


VSCO grid also curated me into a feature with this beauty (what an honour!):

And then all of a sudden all the spring blossom burst into life in London and life was literally beautiful again.

My April highlights included going up to the Sky Garden to celebrate the end of my year long university course. It’s free, fabulous and the view is breathtaking! Book online now!

And I also did the audio tour in the Houses of Parliament just before the election. It was brilliant. I’m no history or politics buff, but was blown away. Do visit if you have the chance! For tickets and more info visit here.

May has brought me more challenges rather than photos. But I have to say it is all quality over quantity at the moment. (Still mustering the energy/motivation to take the Canon out for a proper walk).

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the end of May! :)


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