monotone February

So, this is unusual for me: I took only four photos in February. It is really unlike me not to shoot away almost daily, but there has been so much going on in the past month. The biggest thing is me completely changing my job (for the better, I’d like to add) and getting quickly sucked into a wormhole of everything being new and wondrous, and hugely busy and exhausting.

Here are the famous four:

Modern parenting.

I keep returning back to this wall again and again.

Are love affairs with walls allowed?


Mark Poppins.

Fear not though! I have already taken more photos in March, and when I don’t routinely take photos I dream about taking photos. There have been a lot of dreams in the past month.

Maybe they are a sign. I know they are a great motivation. :)

Happy March!


Dear October & November

As far as you are concerned as months, like the yellow leaves wrinkled after the long warm autumn days you flew by.

You saw me hop back on the tube to commute to work after a long summer and autumn whirling about on the buses. The ghosts of the underground welcomed me with open arms.

It was all due to the weather finally turning as you decided we’d had enough and it was time to start getting used to the grey dampness of winter.

The price of darkness falling by 5pm from getting an extra hour of sleep always seems like a good idea but in practise makes me so unhappy. This realisation made me hide in some posh bars for some time.

You did give me some inspiration in the form of some familiar faces I kept bumping into, like Mr Holmes…

… or Ms Winehouse. But my true pleasure was in the fun times I had in London and away.

Like the fond affair I had with Lewes for a weekend.

Or when I caught the first snowflakes of winter in Finland.

Or when a horrible day ended up in fireworks, literally.

And the evening on ice at the Somerset House.

As the year winds down to an end, I can’t complain really, can I? 2014 has been full of adventure, right to the end.

Oh, September

There is no denying that we have now entered my favourite season of the year. I love autumn and a warm, travel filled September meant not that many critically acclaimed street photos, but a lot of sweet memories I am happy to share with you.

In the middle of the month I had the pleasure to visit Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. It was nothing like I had expected – my expectations were mainly based on reading the wonderful The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer some years ago.

And then I was off to Cannes to enjoy another sea breeze. I’d not been before and really enjoyed the off season calmness and relaxing sunshine that you can only be kissed by in the South of France.

Back in London I am now getting reacquainted with my favourite city by visiting my favourite parts, like St Paul’s…

… Postman’s Park…

… and Spitalfields.

I was also super lucky at the end of the month to bump into the Pearly Kings & Queens annual Harvest Festival. These people are as London as you can get!

I just love such random encounters in this city. Here’s to more of them now I am going to be having time to start roaming the street with my camera in hand for the rest the year. :)

Sweet August

Ah, the sweet lull of August when everything happened on a smaller gear.

I escaped London early in the month to relax by this view. My aunt’s summer house in Finland is just the best place to switch off, unplug and wind down. Swimming in the lake encompassed in a light like this is one of the highlights of my whole year.

Back in London the couples and strideby’s caught my eye and I captured then with a lazy focus.

My favourite photo from the month is this one – the red domes made me detour my morning commute slightly, but it was worth it.

And before I knew it a new month turned its leaf. A higher gear and quicker pace took over my stride and it was September.



Joyous June

Let’s try and keep the wheels turning and make these updates monthly again, shall we? :) At least before we flip to the end of July…

The summer has been a bit stop-start with my photography. As I shoot more weddings and as the temperatures rise, I find myself snapping away less for my own enjoyment. That said it’s not been too bad looking at the photos collected around from the last month.

I’ve mainly hung out in London, stalking the streets as usual for people, stridebys, street art and quirky coincidences. The highlight of the month was my long weekend in Cornwall and actually flying back to London.

I say flying back, becausethe view along the South coast of England was something pretty special. The above is somewhere above Dorset (Bournemouth). Back in London things heated up quite quickly…

… and I was back stalking couples. As usual. ;)

All and all it was a lovely June, in the end of the month it finally started to feel like summer, too.

This last photo is my favourite from the month. I actually left the pub across the road in the middle of the conversation I was having (about the World Cup) to take this photo when I saw the guy go up that ladder to pin those letters up. Thank goodness for very understanding friends. :D

Hip hip and on towards the July update (soon!). :)

past three months aka Spring 2014

I was so sure I’d showed you something from this spring already and that I only had couple months to sum up, but hey – quarter of the year passed and here I am.

Here’s the best of the past three months for you.




In the past three months I’ve been to London – Stockholm – Helsinki & Dublin and I started in university to do a 12 month degree alongside my full time work.

It’s been busy, otherwise I wouldn’t have neglected you for this long. :( I still keep snapping, and you can keep up on the almost daily observations on instagram (@pebaline) if you need a more frequent fix.

And hey! All of a sudden it’s summer! <3



January flux

The month of January slipped by in a squally rain and I was caught obsessing over people walking past walls.

… or walking towards me. :)

In the middle of the grey routine I had a little break of a long weekend whilst my sister visited me in London and we managed to do a day trip to Oxford as well.

I really liked Oxford. I’d only been there very briefly in the past and being able to do a whole touristy day was lovely. The city is a perfect mix of high street, markets, independent coffee shops, history and architecture. And everything is walkable. Even the rain at the end of the didn’t dampen our mood.

In London we visited the Photographer’s Gallery to see the David Lynch/Andy Warhol exhibition. Both a real disappointment, even more so for the £4 entrance fee (yes, a relatively low for London, but still having to pay for both really stung). Both floors were just average snaps of everyday things & situations (industrially themed for Lynch) that I felt heavily relied on the name (fame) of the person rather than any artistic credit or value. Not a good start to the year to inspire me.

Therefore we popped over to Tate Modern as well and visiting there on a week day is a real treat for me. It’s less busy and the guards are much more relaxed, so much so I was able to capture this beauty of a moment very easily. :)

Otherwise it was back to normal in regards to work, commute and snapping away with minimal daylight hours for the end of the month.

Having to find inspiration from rain has been surprisingly fruitful though.

Feeling the days get a fraction longer every evening has been helping me get through the start of the year, I can’t wait to have more light in my life! :)