Summer Happens

As life unfolds around me in a very busy ebb and flow I have indeed been keeping up with the promise to shoot all my personal photography on film this year. Getting rolls filled up with photos, developed and scanned takes its time, but here are two of my favourite photographs from a recent holiday in Florence, Italy. What a super city it was, although a little bit too hot for me in July.  I did love all the architecture, history and bikes though as you can see. :)

(Both photos are shot with my Canon Demi half frame camera on some old, expired film and scanned from print.)


test roll

Monday was a good day, the exhibition was great, sun was out and my new camera in hand I traipsed around the City to see what comes out in the developing process. I’ve saved some cheap colour film given free to me ages ago when local shops and chemists still did photo printing (remember those times?). Those old expired rolls are great for test runs for my eBay finds. :) Yes, the tint is a bit magenta, but it kind of adds to the old analogue camera charm for me, especially when I get to see the first prints.

The Canon Demi came up trumps and even the lab complimented on the photos I took that afternoon. I’m so happy with the results myself, too! I think I put a scratch through the neg winding the roll back a bit abruptly, and I will need to keep an eye on that next time around. Otherwise, above is one of my favourite photos from Monday afternoon at Fleet Street. I’m so glad to be back in half frame action, more of this goodness to follow!