Real Food Market

We interrupt the usual month long silence with a special post about a recent London favourite! I’ve been meaning to blog about the Real Food Market behind the Royal Festival Hall since the summer, but not until last weekend I had the time to go there with a specific purpose of capturing the reason why I’m so fond of the place.

I’m lucky to be living so close to the South Bank and the Real Food Market is at a walking distance from me. I have been a few times in the past 6 months, and I am always delighted by the quality of any goods I’ve bought or sampled there.

The market is open from Friday to Sunday, and at the moment there is also the Christmas Market open on the South Bank side. I’d still recommend the mulled wine on the Real Food Market side though. :)

I’ve not bought any fresh produce at the market apart from freshly ground coffee, but have sampled some excellent curries, samosas, crepes and coffee. I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit, especially if you are a bit peckish when visiting the South Bank and are stuck for food ideas.

There are some areas to sit down to eat, but if the weather isn’t nice for this I’ve been known to smuggle in a wrap to the Royal Festival Hall next door to munch on whilst enjoying their free wifi. I am sure you can, too.

The Real Food Market is not big, but it makes up in quality what it lacks in size. Pop by next time you’re in the area during the weekend and you might be lucky to sample some amazing free food if you flash a good smile to the right vendor. ;)