August 2012

What did August look like? A little bit like this:

There was a lot of fuss over the Olympics, obviously. :)

I met greedy peacocks and saw too many balloons for any adult.

I commuted a lot, and tried not to take that many photos on the Tube. Having wifi on some stations doesn’t help though! :D

Looking at this view was…. interesting.

I was finding my bearings in my new job, and I went to a lot of leaving dos. It was great to finally visit BrewDog (above), the IPAs are lovely!

And I seem to have creeped out a lot of people with this photo… I called it the Ghosts of London. ;)

Happy September!

P.s. Don’t forget that I moved over to this Flickr account in August!



London 2012

A week ago Sunday I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket to the Olympics. There has been a lot of press about the ticket sales for the games and a lot of the tickets came into circulation last week to get more bums on the seats. It was an Olympic sport in itself to try to get some on the official website and it took me good part of the week to succeed, but there I was on the website on a Saturday afternoon not particularly fussed what I’d go and see as long as long as it was in the Olympic Park.

So, I ended up getting a ticket to the synchronised swimming duets in the Aquatics Centre. :) I went especially early to have a chance to wander around the Olympic Park and in the time I think I managed to cover about 50% of the whole place. It’s huge! I had my Holga 35mm with me, but in my excitement I shot the whole 36 frames in bulb mode (such a rookie error!), so there is about 1 photo that turned out sharp. I’m still kicking myself about that, so all I have to share are these photos taken on my iPhone.

For someone who was very cynical (a typical Londoner) prior to the Opening Ceremony I’m quite amused to admit that I was so excited about getting a ticket that I hardly slept the night before. This is also a good example of how the Olympics really have effected the nation (or how susceptible I really am!). :)

But the atmosphere really was  something quite indescribable when I got to the Olympic Park. A lot of people have talked about their experiences, and all the stories I’ve come across have been about how unlike London the place was; everyone was so happy, smiling and saying hello, or thank you, cheerfully to each other and the staff, volunteers and especially the army personnel who had come to cover the security. It was like it was everyone’s birthday the same day.

The Aquatics Centre and the synchronised swimming was such fun. The interior looks like the belly of a whale and the swimmers were pretty amazing.  I will always remember  the support from the audience which was incredible. Sitting there in the middle of thousands of Brits cheering the British pair on was quite something. :)

It’s been quite special two weeks in London all and all with the Olympics. It’s been busy, but everything has coped well from the public transport to the Londoners. The best thing about this whole thing has been the mood in the whole country that has been lifted to new heights.

And there are about thousand new cafes and shops called Olympic-something-or-other that have popped up in London. :D

Although I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the week’s break before the Paralympics start. And then I get to go back to the Olympic Park in the end of the month to see the athletics in the Olympic Stadium – and I can’t wait! I bet you the film will turn out much better, too. ;)