Sweet August

Ah, the sweet lull of August when everything happened on a smaller gear.

I escaped London early in the month to relax by this view. My aunt’s summer house in Finland is just the best place to switch off, unplug and wind down. Swimming in the lake encompassed in a light like this is one of the highlights of my whole year.

Back in London the couples and strideby’s caught my eye and I captured then with a lazy focus.

My favourite photo from the month is this one – the red domes made me detour my morning commute slightly, but it was worth it.

And before I knew it a new month turned its leaf. A higher gear and quicker pace took over my stride and it was September.




Ah, July

It has been scorching hot. Usually I escape the city this time of year, but not this July around. Apart from a working weekend in South of France I’ve been sweating it out in London. At the moment I feel like that little boy at Marseille airport pining for a change of scenery…

Here is what I saw this last month though:

Beautiful commuting light (oh how I love the symmetry in this photo!).

Different kind of sea life. ;)

A wolf pack…

… other kinds of packs (& bricks).

Victims of saddle theft.

Disapproving faces.

Not much of Daughter during their gig at Somerset House. :P

And freedom.

I’m off to Finland in a few days (can.not.wait) finally for my summer holidays. (Can I still say summer holidays in August?) It’s been scorching over there this summer, but I can’t wait for the pace of life over there to slow me down, too.

Unusually I’m bringing my DSLR with me, use of it will be pending on weather/motivation/location. ;)

See you in a month’s time for the results! <3

Joyous June

Let’s try and keep the wheels turning and make these updates monthly again, shall we? :) At least before we flip to the end of July…

The summer has been a bit stop-start with my photography. As I shoot more weddings and as the temperatures rise, I find myself snapping away less for my own enjoyment. That said it’s not been too bad looking at the photos collected around from the last month.

I’ve mainly hung out in London, stalking the streets as usual for people, stridebys, street art and quirky coincidences. The highlight of the month was my long weekend in Cornwall and actually flying back to London.

I say flying back, becausethe view along the South coast of England was something pretty special. The above is somewhere above Dorset (Bournemouth). Back in London things heated up quite quickly…

… and I was back stalking couples. As usual. ;)

All and all it was a lovely June, in the end of the month it finally started to feel like summer, too.

This last photo is my favourite from the month. I actually left the pub across the road in the middle of the conversation I was having (about the World Cup) to take this photo when I saw the guy go up that ladder to pin those letters up. Thank goodness for very understanding friends. :D

Hip hip and on towards the July update (soon!). :)

that holiday feeling

Although my holiday feels such a long time ago, these images evoke the scents and sounds for me in a sublime way.

My week in Finland was full of sunshine, nostalgic countryside views over fields where the wild flowers and wheat were reaching for the ever stretching cumulus cloud across the blue skies and laughter with family and friends old and new.

You cannot but relax when the pace of life slows your gears down in my home country; after the hustle and bustle of London it was much needed, after all it had been a year since I’d been back home.

I also had a chance to visit places I’d never been to from remote islands outside Helsinki archipelago to market cafés and countryside mansions.

It was a wonderful holiday – much needed and much enjoyed. :)

And now after these Holga and iPhone memories we return to the normal broadcast from the streets of London. :)

Junely 2013

Apologies for the delay in rounding up the month of June! It’s been busy, hot, travel-ly and life-filled couple weeks. But here’s what I got up to last month!

This month saw a new theme emerge from my almost-daily observations: the modern meditation. :)

I also continued to hunt for double colours, I especially liked this double red capture.

It was not a good month for metrosexuals though…

And we all had to start somewhere, right? :)

What else – after the quite busy start to July last month certainly feels quite chilled out. If not a bit comatosed…

The British summer showed its worse and well, worst sides…

Even escaping to South of France didn’t work as we arrived in the middle of the worst June in million years!

Although the sea was as amazing as it always is for me.

But it’s time to sweep June under the carpet as I start the process of scanning some film negs to be able to share some holiday snaps from Finland with you next! :)

Hope you’re well and having a ball of a summer!

May-be 2013

Do you have a minute? Ready for a catch up? Here’s what my May looked like! :)

There were some odd coincidences.

Strange occurrences. Lovely symmetry.

Some double takes. :)




That’s what last month was all about! :)


I’ve spent the past week in the blissfully relaxed Cornwall.

The holiday couldn’t have come at the better time; and the weather was a treat at the start of the week.

We spent the days on the beaches, cliffs, castles and cute little fishing villages.

Although the sun didn’t stay with us to the end of the week Cornwall is still pretty spectacular in stormy weather, too.

It feels goof to be back in London as my batteries are charged and I feel really happy. It doesn’t hurt that there is another holiday in the horizon in July as well. ;)