switch December for January

The end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 were pretty quiet months for me photography-wise. Maybe I should view the past two months from the quality over quantity angle? ;)

Here are my personal favourites from the past two months (couple of my December favourites already slipped into my 2014 review so I won’t repost them here):

I always struggle this time of the year to try and make the most of the winter months and the lack of day light – night time photos aren’t really a favourite thing for me by default but I like these two above.

On my way home one night in December I had to stop and capture this motorcyclist who had stopped in the middle of the Waterloo Bridge to take a dusky photo himself of the skyline towards St Paul’s. :)

Christmas Day in London was something pretty special. We were out the whole bright, crispy cold winter day.

The new year started with old habits. I love the double R in this photo.

Then couple weeks into January and I was already off to Paris to see my sister. We had a very cultural time together seeing loads of amazing films, exhibitions (like this stupendous Nikki de Saint Phalle one below) and spending time to soak in the atmosphere of the city.

Stylish in the Paris Metro, n’est pas? :)

Visiting a week after the Charlie Hebdo massacre was very interesting. The city had slightly recovered its posture and people had shifted back to the every day routines by the time I arrived, but there were moments where the effect of the events were palpable on the streets. Mostly obviously in the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ or the name Charlie plastered everywhere from shop windows, posters and walls all around the beautiful city.

Back in London I have been visually very quiet for many reasons since I returned home from Paris. The perpetual lack of day light around my working hours, starting in a new job in about a week’s time and the last push for my university course finals are pushing everything to the periphery for me for the time being. I cannot wait for the longer days, having more time to myself and settling into my new role with my new team in the next couple months. Hopefully when things even out I will get some photo-mojo back, too. :)


Oh, September

There is no denying that we have now entered my favourite season of the year. I love autumn and a warm, travel filled September meant not that many critically acclaimed street photos, but a lot of sweet memories I am happy to share with you.

In the middle of the month I had the pleasure to visit Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. It was nothing like I had expected – my expectations were mainly based on reading the wonderful The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer some years ago.

And then I was off to Cannes to enjoy another sea breeze. I’d not been before and really enjoyed the off season calmness and relaxing sunshine that you can only be kissed by in the South of France.

Back in London I am now getting reacquainted with my favourite city by visiting my favourite parts, like St Paul’s…

… Postman’s Park…

… and Spitalfields.

I was also super lucky at the end of the month to bump into the Pearly Kings & Queens annual Harvest Festival. These people are as London as you can get!

I just love such random encounters in this city. Here’s to more of them now I am going to be having time to start roaming the street with my camera in hand for the rest the year. :)

Joyous June

Let’s try and keep the wheels turning and make these updates monthly again, shall we? :) At least before we flip to the end of July…

The summer has been a bit stop-start with my photography. As I shoot more weddings and as the temperatures rise, I find myself snapping away less for my own enjoyment. That said it’s not been too bad looking at the photos collected around from the last month.

I’ve mainly hung out in London, stalking the streets as usual for people, stridebys, street art and quirky coincidences. The highlight of the month was my long weekend in Cornwall and actually flying back to London.

I say flying back, becausethe view along the South coast of England was something pretty special. The above is somewhere above Dorset (Bournemouth). Back in London things heated up quite quickly…

… and I was back stalking couples. As usual. ;)

All and all it was a lovely June, in the end of the month it finally started to feel like summer, too.

This last photo is my favourite from the month. I actually left the pub across the road in the middle of the conversation I was having (about the World Cup) to take this photo when I saw the guy go up that ladder to pin those letters up. Thank goodness for very understanding friends. :D

Hip hip and on towards the July update (soon!). :)

that holiday feeling

Although my holiday feels such a long time ago, these images evoke the scents and sounds for me in a sublime way.

My week in Finland was full of sunshine, nostalgic countryside views over fields where the wild flowers and wheat were reaching for the ever stretching cumulus cloud across the blue skies and laughter with family and friends old and new.

You cannot but relax when the pace of life slows your gears down in my home country; after the hustle and bustle of London it was much needed, after all it had been a year since I’d been back home.

I also had a chance to visit places I’d never been to from remote islands outside Helsinki archipelago to market cafés and countryside mansions.

It was a wonderful holiday – much needed and much enjoyed. :)

And now after these Holga and iPhone memories we return to the normal broadcast from the streets of London. :)


I’ve spent the past week in the blissfully relaxed Cornwall.

The holiday couldn’t have come at the better time; and the weather was a treat at the start of the week.

We spent the days on the beaches, cliffs, castles and cute little fishing villages.

Although the sun didn’t stay with us to the end of the week Cornwall is still pretty spectacular in stormy weather, too.

It feels goof to be back in London as my batteries are charged and I feel really happy. It doesn’t hurt that there is another holiday in the horizon in July as well. ;)


Paris mon amour

Couple weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Paris.

It was simply wonderful.

The city  feels like the sophisticated, naturally elegant big sister to its nose picking punk rock little sister London.

It was good to spend some time just wandering around new streets, new places day in day out and just soak it all in. Regardless of the weather.

The best part of the trip, apart from the food and wine of course, was seeing the Joel Meyerowitz Retrospective at the Maison européenne de la photographie. He is such a inspiration to me and a wonderful street photographer.

I hope these photos, both shot on my Holga 35mm on film and with my iPhone, capture some of the atmosphere of the time spent enveloped in the beauty of Paris.

July 2012

Another month down, another update for you! I will also try to avoid to mention words “time” and “flies” this time. ;)

There was a LOT of rain in July. A lot of us Londoners just gave up with the “summer”.

I escaped the bad weather and visited family and friend in Finland in the middle of the month. It finally started to feel like summer in my bones, and I had such a lovely time.

Before I knew it was time to return to the Big Smoke, but whilst I was away someone finally turned the tap off and we actually had a heatwave! :)

My new job rocks! And those who follow me everywhere else on the Internet know by now that I’ve moved up in the world, well to Camden Town to be exact. Prepare yourselves for a lot of Camden photos in the future.

Oh, and then there’s the little thing going on in London that started at the end of July… the Olympics! I have to say up until the Opening Ceremony I was a total cynic and was ready with the rest of them to put the whole thing down, but Danny Boyle did a pretty good job, everyone got really excited AND I got to go this weekend myself .

London is pretty exciting place to live in general, but at the moment we’re experiencing something I can’t really put into words quite yet. Maybe the words will come later. In everyday life terms things are going smoothly. My commute is barely effected by the Games and Londoners are out of their usual grump with the tourists which is unheard of. :)

Also, whilst I remember, if you want to continue to follow the progress on Flickr I’ve now moved to pebaline366 account due to photo limits on non-pro accounts. Hope to see you there and yes, I think I will post something special from the Olympics just for you later this week! ;)