monotone February

So, this is unusual for me: I took only four photos in February. It is really unlike me not to shoot away almost daily, but there has been so much going on in the past month. The biggest thing is me completely changing my job (for the better, I’d like to add) and getting quickly sucked into a wormhole of everything being new and wondrous, and hugely busy and exhausting.

Here are the famous four:

Modern parenting.

I keep returning back to this wall again and again.

Are love affairs with walls allowed?


Mark Poppins.

Fear not though! I have already taken more photos in March, and when I don’t routinely take photos I dream about taking photos. There have been a lot of dreams in the past month.

Maybe they are a sign. I know they are a great motivation. :)

Happy March!


switch December for January

The end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 were pretty quiet months for me photography-wise. Maybe I should view the past two months from the quality over quantity angle? ;)

Here are my personal favourites from the past two months (couple of my December favourites already slipped into my 2014 review so I won’t repost them here):

I always struggle this time of the year to try and make the most of the winter months and the lack of day light – night time photos aren’t really a favourite thing for me by default but I like these two above.

On my way home one night in December I had to stop and capture this motorcyclist who had stopped in the middle of the Waterloo Bridge to take a dusky photo himself of the skyline towards St Paul’s. :)

Christmas Day in London was something pretty special. We were out the whole bright, crispy cold winter day.

The new year started with old habits. I love the double R in this photo.

Then couple weeks into January and I was already off to Paris to see my sister. We had a very cultural time together seeing loads of amazing films, exhibitions (like this stupendous Nikki de Saint Phalle one below) and spending time to soak in the atmosphere of the city.

Stylish in the Paris Metro, n’est pas? :)

Visiting a week after the Charlie Hebdo massacre was very interesting. The city had slightly recovered its posture and people had shifted back to the every day routines by the time I arrived, but there were moments where the effect of the events were palpable on the streets. Mostly obviously in the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ or the name Charlie plastered everywhere from shop windows, posters and walls all around the beautiful city.

Back in London I have been visually very quiet for many reasons since I returned home from Paris. The perpetual lack of day light around my working hours, starting in a new job in about a week’s time and the last push for my university course finals are pushing everything to the periphery for me for the time being. I cannot wait for the longer days, having more time to myself and settling into my new role with my new team in the next couple months. Hopefully when things even out I will get some photo-mojo back, too. :)

Dear October & November

As far as you are concerned as months, like the yellow leaves wrinkled after the long warm autumn days you flew by.

You saw me hop back on the tube to commute to work after a long summer and autumn whirling about on the buses. The ghosts of the underground welcomed me with open arms.

It was all due to the weather finally turning as you decided we’d had enough and it was time to start getting used to the grey dampness of winter.

The price of darkness falling by 5pm from getting an extra hour of sleep always seems like a good idea but in practise makes me so unhappy. This realisation made me hide in some posh bars for some time.

You did give me some inspiration in the form of some familiar faces I kept bumping into, like Mr Holmes…

… or Ms Winehouse. But my true pleasure was in the fun times I had in London and away.

Like the fond affair I had with Lewes for a weekend.

Or when I caught the first snowflakes of winter in Finland.

Or when a horrible day ended up in fireworks, literally.

And the evening on ice at the Somerset House.

As the year winds down to an end, I can’t complain really, can I? 2014 has been full of adventure, right to the end.

February mashup

Doesn’t it seem odd we are to March already in 2014? I will never get used to the byproduct of adulthood which is the speeding up of time.

In summary: February flashed by.

Like, what’s the big deal?

I keep doing the same things, believe in the same stuff and hope for the better the same as every year. And still continue to be obsessed with these people walking past walls. It’s my current favourite in instagram hashtags. :)

But how could I resists scenes, backdrops and light like in these photos? I’ve always been a ‘head on’ photographer so #peoplewalkingpastwalls is right up my street (pun intended and all!). ;)

There are always the exceptions to the rule, of course…

But you’re more than likely to find me  straight up chasing moments straight up like these. :)

Another fascination of mine that hasn’t let go since I first started doing street photography is couples. From the past nine years or so photos of couples form the significant bulk of my portfolio. So much so I don’t even consciously recognise I go for these moments until the photo has been taken.

I call these two photos the ‘faces of true love’.

Both were taken in the same place on Valentine’s Day. :)

February 22nd marked another milestone in my life. It’s been 15 years since I moved to UK and I decided to celebrate the anniversary by going right to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral. I’d never been in all these years and it felt right day to do the climb. I’ll do a whole post of the experience separately as it was something special.

In the past 15 years London has become more than a favourite city or just a place I call home. It truly is the love of my life and I can’t wait to keep sharing more of this wonderful city with you. <3

January flux

The month of January slipped by in a squally rain and I was caught obsessing over people walking past walls.

… or walking towards me. :)

In the middle of the grey routine I had a little break of a long weekend whilst my sister visited me in London and we managed to do a day trip to Oxford as well.

I really liked Oxford. I’d only been there very briefly in the past and being able to do a whole touristy day was lovely. The city is a perfect mix of high street, markets, independent coffee shops, history and architecture. And everything is walkable. Even the rain at the end of the didn’t dampen our mood.

In London we visited the Photographer’s Gallery to see the David Lynch/Andy Warhol exhibition. Both a real disappointment, even more so for the £4 entrance fee (yes, a relatively low for London, but still having to pay for both really stung). Both floors were just average snaps of everyday things & situations (industrially themed for Lynch) that I felt heavily relied on the name (fame) of the person rather than any artistic credit or value. Not a good start to the year to inspire me.

Therefore we popped over to Tate Modern as well and visiting there on a week day is a real treat for me. It’s less busy and the guards are much more relaxed, so much so I was able to capture this beauty of a moment very easily. :)

Otherwise it was back to normal in regards to work, commute and snapping away with minimal daylight hours for the end of the month.

Having to find inspiration from rain has been surprisingly fruitful though.

Feeling the days get a fraction longer every evening has been helping me get through the start of the year, I can’t wait to have more light in my life! :)

think like a bird flies

Trying to step up a gear with the street photography I went to my favourite London playground, the South Bank this afternoon.

The South of the river Thames is easy pickings for sweet street moments, but I tried to work on not going for the easy, sitting duck ones today.

The challenge was to juxtapose the classic London with a twist. The little boy with the fake mustache made my day. :)

Stepping away from the busy touristy part, Lower Marsh by Waterloo is another favourite strip of street photography for me as well.

And when the night fell I realised I need to get out more to take more photos (and really start saving for the 28mm lens!).

By far my two favourite photos today were taken with my iPhone though. Yes, I do whip it out to snap away with, it’s a habit hard to break. ;)

Sometimes great photos happen when you just keep your eyes and your heart open. :)

weekend hues

I can’t quite believe this myself, but I actually went out today purposefully to do some street photography.With my Canon. I know! :D

It was a quiet, dusky blue hued late afternoon in my neighbourhood. There were not that many people around to be all upfront about with my camera.

Instead I currently seem to be obsessed by stridebys. There were a lot of good ones of those today.

I also found this new little corner in London. The Cross Bones Graveyard is an urban shrine to the outcast. You can read more about it here.

This is what I love about this city the most, no matter how long I have lived here and walked on these streets, there is always something new and surprising just around the corner.

This ‘Before I die…’ wall is still going strong. Surprisingly (or not) many wishes were about sex, drugs and love, including a proposal. :)

Another thing I also love is when people match their urban surroundings, like in these two above photos. Although I’m rusty with this genre London seemed to give me a bit of a break today.