Some games I was playing on the streets of London today on my way home. More to come in the next few days, these two just really caught my eye in the edit.



Hello WordPress, hello Autumn! Would you believe it, couple nights ago I was on my way to dinner with a friend at London’s South Bank and I actually took my camera with me! And used it! And edited photos! And I’m blogging them! It’s a miracle! :) On the night I was late for dinner, but I hope my friend forgives me after seeing these. It was just too lovely a night not to grab my camera leaving out the door – it was the kind of perfect crisp, cold autumn evening after a busy London Monday. And as you know, it has been far too long from proper photos of London in the blog.

Whilst I get used to all things WordPress, I hope you enjoy these. There is a little itch inside me at the moment that means there might be a little bit more to see and share from behind my viewfinder. ;)

Carnaby Street

Last week London's Carnaby Street celebrated it's 50th anniversary. I popped over after work as there was a big street party and most of all -20% in almost every store in the area. It was a lovely spring evening filled with annoying tourists, huge queues in shops and not so many bargains. In the above picture you can see London's Spring/Summer 2010 trends in a glance: microshorts, satchel bags, Breton stripes, jersey blazers and brogues. I stood in this particular queue for half an hour before I gave up as it was not moving. Instead of shopping that night I decided to focus on photography and I caught couple of really lovely moments on my mobile hence a little update to you my dears. :)


This little man was showing the adults how it's done. A really nice little moment I'm glad I managed to capture and save before my N900 gave up on the idea of charging and had to be sent off to warranty repairs. For the past week I've had a social media detox and have taken no photos apart for work. :( I can't wait for the mobile to come back! I'm so reliant on it these days for everything: internet, e-mail, camera, skype, you name it… Terrible thing this modern life! ;)

But before the detox there were moments like this I was so glad to document. Right place, right time – a perfect London moment for me. These little elephants have taken over the streets of London by the way. There are 258 in total and you can read more about their parade here. :) So, although my shopping bags were slim coming home I managed to grab some ace photos and a fabulous goodie bag from the Carnaby Street party. Not a bag night after all, don't you think? :)

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Spring Update

Right, I've been a bad bad blogger! Not so much a bad photographer, but yes, I put my hands up and say: a bad blogger. :( Since having the camera in hand almost every week work-wise there just hasn't been enough time nor strength for me to roam around the streets of London taking photos like I used to. When I do get a chance to break free and run amok though the Nokia N900 is doing a marvellous job helping me capture it all around me. So, it's time for a little mobile-phone-photo-post-update again my dear friends!

London, as you know, remains my greatest love and just trying to capture it's life and energy continues to be my dear dear mission in life. I've been very fortunate to visit and see places in this fantastic city this year I never thought I'd be able to. The thirst to see and experience more has never died down for me and it's pretty amazing, since in February I celebrated my 11th anniversary of moving to the UK. Time really has flown by!

There are still corners of this city I have not seen or documented and these little surprises just keep me deliciously on my toes. Nothing beats turning a corner from a familiar street to something amazing that you just  never saw before, like this sculpture nuzzled next to St Paul's Cathedral. It's moments like these that make living in London such an adventure.

The moments I experience alone and more so the experiences I share with other people in this city just multiply the intensity of my love for London. Yes, this is becoming a gushy love letter I should probably keep in my desk drawer and not post… but I just can't help it!

I love London and I'm not ashamed to say it! :)

The fact that spring is in full bloom here might have something to do with all this emotional overflow at the moment as well… :) Maybe I am also over compensating for neglecting you for this long. I'm truly sorry that posting here has been so sparse and sporadic. I continue to make no promises, apart from guaranteeing that I will be a bad blogger for the foreseeable future as the silly wedding season now gets into the full swing.

But in the meanwhile as I continue to enjoy this gorgeous city be sure that I will have some sort of a camera in hand, be it just my trusty little Nokia, and when I do have a chance I will continue to share my London with you. It's just too much to keep all to myself. ;)

This really is the most beautiful and exciting season in this city and I really do recommend coming over to London in spring time if you ever have a chance. You might just start gushing uncontrollably like yours truly about the wonders the Big Smoke beholds. So, until next time, be well my fellow Voxers! ♥

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I can't believe I forgot to add this photo to the previous post! It's one of those rare moments I'm not sure if to take a photo, as public transport is quite an intimate place to be snapping away however descreet I try to be. But really, I just couldn't resist as that sign about feet on the bench was perfectly placed. Or actually his feet were perfectly placed. ;) So yes, I got caught. I think I looked innocent/tired enough that night not to be told off, or then he just wasn't 100% sure if I did actually have the audacity to take a photo of him. :D Either way, I'm glad I captured this moment.

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safe as houses

Hello kids, happy 2010! :) It's been too long (again), but it's the same old story: busy-busy times for little old me. I managed to bring my camera out with me for a little stroll today however, so have some very safe and boring shots to show you to start the year off. There is something about these naked branches I really love this time of the year. They are so… graphic! :)

South Bank was cold and lonely today. The tide was low and not many people were around. This meant that there were not many interesting photo-opportunities either, which suited me well as my fingers were freezing and I felt a bit out of touch to be honest. It's been so long since I managed to roam around the streets of London for just the pure purpose of doing street photography I can hardly call myself a street photographer any more!

There we a few nice moments, like this couple walking together, I did manage to catch though. I suppose it's just the question of getting back on the horse and start doing these things more. Again. I know, we've been here before. I'm sorry. :D

It's just finding the time and energy. 2010 hasn't really started in the best way for me and at times like these stuff like personal photography gets pushed way back on the agenda. I'm glad I got out with the camera today though. Really, I should do this more often. ;)

In the whole process I managed to grab a backseat project photo, too. Something else I should do more of when out and about. The collection is shaping up nicely, yet very slowly. :)

I hope the New Year has started well for you and I hope to have some more photos to share with you soon! :)

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I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter

Last night was the first time I actually had any time or motivation to pop out to take some photos as promised a while back. Actually, the film in my Holga 35mm needed finishing, which you'll be glad to know I did AND I also took the digital SLR out for a little evening walk in the cold winter night of London hence these few photos.

I really like cold crispy winter evenings in London. Mostly when I am indoors cuddled up nice and warm with a big cup of tea, so I consider last night some sort of sacrifice. :) Actually, it was well worth the little walk however cold it was. I caught some lovely moments last night.

I often plan to get the camera out at night time, but it never happens… funny that! :) There is something about the light and really the lack of it at night though. It's like taking another step further in the voyeuristic approach street photography has.

This year I feel like I have come to myself really when it comes to photography. I've found myself, my point of view really and confidence I haven't had before. There are moments I see and I'm able to capture them. I think that is one of the hardest things to do successfully as a photographer, but I hope other people "get me" a bit easily now. :)

I often talked about the ease of taking street photos earlier this year, there really is something that seems to have clicked for me along these past 12 months. There has been a long break between last night and when I last purposefully went out to the streets of London with a camera in hand – yet it felt like it was only yesterday. It's a lovely feeling and I really wish I'd have more time and energy to do more street photography than I've had time especially the end of this year.

After work I was out at Liverpool Street meeting a friend with a coffee earlier in the evening and was a bit early, so I managed to grab some of the photos above whilst waiting. It really was cold, but so gorgeously wintery.

Not having had enough of the skaters at Bishopsgate I came home via Somerset House, which is my favourite place this time of the year. The skating aside the whole setting is so gorgeous, yet all I have to show you is this very romantic photo by the toilets! :D

Oh look – more winter romance! :D Actually this is my favourite photo from last night and I'm very pleased with it. I saw the family, knew where I wanted to be, walked there, turned around and took this photo. Bingo. ;)

The Old Vic has some gorgeous lights going on as well. No Christmas trees this year though, which I'm surprised about. They usually have them on top of the title roof and they look so pretty. The credit crunch has robbed us of a lot of beauty I tell you!

Another nice moment which is very London. People just leave the most amazing stuff on the streets sometimes to be discarded. That looks like a good mattress that, or is that the credit crunch me talking…

Also, I caught this for the little back seat series. I should work a little bit more on these photos actually. The series has a lovely feel to it, but who knows when I next will be around with a camera in hand. There are the black&white Holga photos to be picked up and scanned (I forgot today after work, oh the shame!), so you're not going without some more stuff before the end of the year. But I do feel a bit bad that I've not been a good blogger these past few months… I feel like a New Year's resolution coming on… Oh dear! Better end here before I say something I'll regret! :D

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